48 km and 2,600 m altitude difference
27/28 of June 2020

Run wherever you want, wherever you are!

Choose when you want to start: you can complete the trail between 6:00 am on Saturday 27th of June and 11:00 pm on Sunday 28th of June.


Due to the international situation caused by COVID-19 and the resulting cancellation of all competitions, this year, unfortunately, we cannot run together at Cortina d'Ampezzo, along our beautiful Dolomite mountains, a UNESCO World Heritage Site.
Camelbag SSDRL is organizing the "Lavaredo Ultra Trail Virtual": feel free to join, wherever you are! Your trail will be broadcast in real time on the actual course of the Lavaredo Ultra Trail Virtual - 48 km long with an altitude difference of 2,600 m.



We would like to remind you that this event is NOT a race but a recreational event, there is no ranking but only a collection of your times for the virtual route.

1. Participation is free and open to athletes over 18 in good health.

2. Athletes can register online on the ENTERNOW.IT portal before 12 noon on Saturday 27th of June 2020.
Registration is individual. Athletes can use the username they already have or, if they do not have a username, they can create a new one on the enternow.it site. The username chosen will then be used to access the GPS tracking app.

3. Please remember that you can track your run in two ways:
- App CVRace to download on your smartphone and to use with your TDS profile username and pwd. By using the App CVRace, your data will be seen in real time on www.ultratrail.it, VIRTUAL RACE
- GPS (Garmin or similar). In this case, once your route is complete, you have to send proof of your virtual run to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. where we can see the date, distance and the altitude of your run. By using your own GPS device, then the data will not be seen in real time on the LUT website.

4. Participants must run a distance of
- 48 km and an altitude difference of 2,600 m.
When registering it is possible to choose between 2 options:
- a route with an altitude difference
- a flat route.
In this case the altitude difference must be converted into additional kilometres, thus, as has been conventionally established, athletes will have to run 48 km + 26 km (100 m of altitude difference = 1 km distance).

5. The trail must be outdoors (treadmill runs will not be allowed) and the rules established by current legislation in relation to COVID-19 must be respected, along with the rules of the road for pedestrians.

6. Registration in the Lavaredo Ultra Trail Virtual is free and gives participants the right to the following services:
- publication of the list of registered participants;
- confirmation of registration with times and useful information;
- digital race bibs;
- useful information on the event and instructions for using the tracking app;
- final times will be published in real time (taking into account the starting range of all participants).
- the final times and personalised participation diplomas will be sent via e-mail.

This is a fun individual exercise event that is permitted by the present COVID-19 norms. By registering in the virtual event, participants declare that they know and accept the present legislation; that they relieve and exonerate the Organizers from any civil or criminal (even objective) responsibility resulting from participation in this event; that they exonerate the Organizers from any responsibility for any injuries or accidents incurred by themselves or third parties and for illnesses connected to the completion of the event.

Registration means that participants' personal data will be used by the Organizers. By sending their names, participants consent to the use of their data electronically in full respect for the laws on personal data protection as laid down by Law no. 675 of 31/12/1996. To correct any personal data, write to: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..


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