Cortina Trail pre-registration is open until December 20th.

To pre-register:
1) if not done for a previous edition, create a personal account at the following link >>

All pre-registered athletes must have their own personal account which can be identified by a unique email address.
When inserting your date of birth, click on the month in the calendar to scroll through the years.

Passwords must have at least 4 characters.
Once you have created your account, you will receive an email with a link to activate it.
Check that the email has not been placed in the junk folder.

2) Log in and go to the pre-registration form, by clicking on the link in your user menu.

Fill in the missing fields.

- Only if you were excluded from the draw for Cortina Trail 2018, select the appropriate box.

- If you wish to participate with other people (minimum of 2), fill in the “group” field. If athletes are randomly selected in a draw, groups will be considered as single entities.

For any information, please contact us >>